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vocabulaires et texte

Outsourcing=sous -traitance
Procurement consulting= consultant dans les achats
Consulting expertise=savoir faire dans le conseil
Costs-reduction in logistics=réduction des côuts dans la logistique
highlights=points marquants
Brought dow costs=ai réduit les côuts
Logistic Audit Consultant=consultant dans les audits de circuits logistiques

                                    CV Modèle  fonctionnel
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Procurement/International contracting/outsourcing/negotiation

Professionnal Profile
Seventeen years consulting experience in logistics and procurement consulting
Ten years consulting expertise in African region for high-level (state, ministerial)negotiations in oil , natural, gas pharmaceuticals, construction
Audits and cost-reduction in logistics and outsourcing contracts(IT, network systems)
Solid experience in construction contracts, East and West Africa

Procurement and logistics consultant                        (1986-current)

Brought down costs by 18 percent as procurement consultant for CFT informatics, Delft, Holland(imports, outsourcing, negotiation of new suppliers); redesigned logistics circuit as
Logistics Audit consultant for Feeber, Rotterdam, holland(reduction in 32 pecent of net logistics costs)
Contract Negotiation Consultant(1984-1998)
High-level international contracts negotiated in oil and natural Gas(Vitrocom, T'X', GlicoGO,Gabon)pharmaceuticals (Merle Corp ,and govts of Central African Republic, Congo),construction(Dectel Corp,and govts of dijbouti , Gabon , Congo)
Initiated 62percent of africa contracts, GH Contractors, London UK)

Auditor (logistics, Procurement)                            (1980-1990)
Quality control and procurement for IBH Tools, sheffield; Hallfarb Construction, liverpool,UK
Master's in Construction Engineering(Quality Control)Manchester ,UK)
Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering Paris, France

French, English, Portuguese

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